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Sustainable Signage

Yorkshire and the Humber

Designs Signage Solutions is a dynamic and innovative signage and graphics company based in Hull.

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Designs Signage offers signage with a tension fabric system that works by having fabrics with silicone edges to hold them within the frame.

What makes it sustainable

What makes this a sustainable product, unlike many other tension fabric frames on the market, is that it can be taken apart with no damage to the frame. The frame can then be used to replicate the same structure elsewhere or repurposed to be used in a different structure. De-rigging and installing the signage does no damage to the product so it can be reused multiple times, and the flat pack nature means it can be transported by smaller vehicles thus reducing CO2 emissions.

Main themes of sustainability

What themes of our framework are most relevant for the venue.

Designs Signage Solutions
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