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A diverse speaker agency that covers wellbeing, climate, social justice and leadership

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Female lead inclusive company, can cover talks about well being, health, envorinment, social justice, climate change, leadership and innovation.

What makes this service sustainable

Female lead, sustainability topics, encourages diversity

Main themes of sustainability

What themes of our framework are most relevant for the venue.


Type of events

  • Conference
  • Festival
  • Awards
  • Exhibition
  • Workshop

Service area



£2000.00 per event

Additional cost

£5000.00 Premium Speakers - per event

£2000 is the minimum spend required for this service.

What is included?


Days of the week available

Sunday : 09:00-23:00
Monday : 09:00-23:00
Tuesday : 09:00-23:00
Wednesday : 09:00-23:00
Thursday : 09:00-23:00
Friday : 09:00-23:00
Saturday : 09:00-23:00

Booking notice needed

2 business days before the event.

More information about this service

Talent management fee is included including booking, legal advice and speaker briefing What is not included in the price is travel and food and accommodation if relevant


We an inclusive and diverse speaker agency that showcases great talent on a broad number of topics from health and wellness, environment and climate change, social justice and innovation and leadership. We promote different voices to create fresh perspectives

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