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Eco Litter Picking & Zero Waste Management


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Providing eco friendly litter picking, cleaning & waste management to events, concerts & festivals

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We're committed to excellence in our field and that includes being environmentally friendly!

Our events are zero-waste, so nothing ends up in landfill. We work with top-tier companies and our CEO personally manages each account to deliver a gold-star service. We take care of all your event cleaning, litter picking and waste management needs so you can focus on your event.

Our supplier relationships help us find innovative ways to encourage recycling and reduce waste.

What makes this service sustainable

Here's how we manage our zero waste events:
* Recyclable waste is sorted into different categories, such as plastic, metal, cardboard and paper and sent to a recovery facility for recycling.
* General waste that cannot be recycled goes to an Energy from Waste (EFW) plant. There, it is transformed into electricity.
* Compostable waste is transported to a composting facility and turned into nutrient-rich compost.
* Glass waste is transformed into new glass products and aggregate glass.

Main themes of sustainability

What themes of our framework are most relevant for the venue.


Type of events

  • Festival
  • Awards
  • Tradeshow
  • Exhibition
  • Concert

Service area



Days of the week available

Sunday : 05:00-00:00
Monday : 05:00-00:00
Tuesday : 05:00-00:00
Wednesday : 05:00-00:00
Thursday : 05:00-00:00
Friday : 05:00-00:00
Saturday : 05:00-00:00

Booking notice needed

30 business days before the event.

More information about this service

Your own site supervisor A team of professional litter picking and cleaning staff working on rotation during your event Zero waste management Site cleaning and prep on build and break days

Set up of all bins and skips and removal of these once the event has finished

The price includes 1 revisions.

We provide zero waste cleaning services and waste management for events, concerts and festivals
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