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Whiskey Stones & Crystal Nosing Glass Gift Set
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Product Description:

Discover the Original Rocks paired with our stunningly beautiful crystal whiskey nosing glass. The round solid granite stones cool your drink withou..
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What makes it sustainable:

the rocks are made of granite and can be kept a lifetime. Avoids using water excessively or buying plastic ice cube mold.

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  • Networking
  • Awards
  • Meeting
  • Drinks Reception
  • Client Entertaining

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  • Category: Hampers & Gifts
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Dispatch Origin: United Kingdom
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The World's Best Whiskey Stones & More. Elevating Your Whiskey Tasting Experience. Inspired by the finest things in life, ROCKS was created for those who don't compromise on taste. With an enduring passion for meticulous craft and product design, I embarked on this journey with just an idea and a dream. Today, ROCKS is loved by thousands of whiskey enthusiasts and is recognized internationally as the leading whiskey stones brand. Polished to perfection, our iconic handcrafted granite stones let you enjoy your favorite spirits, the right way. From idea brief to conceptualization, our unparalleled commitment to quality is what makes us stand out as the preferred connoisseur's choice. By uplifting tradition & heritage with an appreciation for fine whisky, we promise a range of unique gift sets to enhance your whiskey tasting experience. Above all else, our ultimate mission is for our customers to share special moments with their loved ones. I would be thrilled to count you as one of our connoisseurs. Quentin - Founder
DISCLAIMER : the box is protected by a thin plastic wrap unfortunately. This is purely to protect against humidity issues (sea shipped). We are looking at alternatives and will transition as soon as we find the best sustainable alternative which keeps the product safe enough.
refund/returns are processed if item is defect/damaged on arrival on visual proof.
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