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5 tips for securing Event Sponsors

What does the word sales bring to mind? Someone has an aggressive personality and cold calls you. Those annoying phone calls that ..

Wellbeing Week - ideas for your team

Working in events can be stressful, there are often long hours, an expectation for 24/7 availability and burnout is real. However,..

How can Event Agencies Incorporate Sustainability

With 2021's COP26 bringing more visibility to sustainability in the UK, there's a growing awareness in the events indust..

The Importance of Community for Event Managers

How community can help support the wellbeing of event managers in a remote-first new normal What is community? It’s a word that..

Easy Product Swaps For More Sustainable Events

How To Find Sustainable Products For Your Event Not only do we make it easy to make yours an eco-friendly event, we also ..

A Week in the Life of a (4 Day) Event Manager

I am Karen Stenning, an Events Manager at Legacy Events and I am driven by my values and principles to both planet and people and ..

The TOP 5 Biggest Budget Challenges for Events Planners - and the Solutions

We don’t need to tell you that event management can be stressful. It’s even more so if you also want to be sustainable. And pe..

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