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Hassle-free registration

It's fast, easy, and free to register. Just tell us a bit about who you are and what you offer. Registration takes less than 2 minutes. Then, our sustainability experts will take care of your application.

Hassle free registration
Profile control

Full management of your profile

Create and manage your own pricing, availability, content and more. You are always in control of your listing.

Boost exposure and sustainability credentials

We will link you to more event professionals. It has been created by and for event organisers and, with sustainability at its core, your business will boost its sustainability credentials.

Boost exposure
Direct bookings

Get more sales from ready to buy customers

Our marketplace removes all of the long processes that come alongside the brief, quote, booking and payments. It aims to make the whole process seamless and simple for both, the venue and your event planner.

Sustainability: How we assess our suppliers

When Legacy was founded back in 2016, one thing that was evident in the events industry was the lack of a clear definition of a sustainable event. We spent a long time thinking about how to 'label' our themes so that we could cover all the areas in the industry, and buyers would find it easy to make informed choices about what they were buying.

We came up with nine themes that we felt compiled the industry's main features of sustainable products and services. Each product and service on the marketplace has icons indicating which of the themes it falls into. We have limited to three themes per business to make sure we keep the most relevant themes visible.

Each supplier has a business profile, so you can get to know the stories behind the brand and their efforts to be trendsetters when it comes to sustainability in events and corporate gifting.

We are evolving and adapting in this fast-paced industry, so we will review the themes as needed to ensure they stay relevant and make sense for the buyer and supplier.

The team at Legacy Marketplace

Energy and Carbon

Energy and Carbon

Deliver low carbon events that showcase how we are adapting to a world increasingly affected by climate change.



Support the waste hierarchy when using and disposing of materials and champion the use of innovative new materials that have lower environmental impact.

Food and Drink

Food and Drink

Encourage suppliers to provide nourishing, healthy, high welfare food with 100% traceability.



Consider the wellbeing of our attendees, our suppliers and the local community.



Encourage our partners and suppliers to adopt water conservation measures, so that water is respected as a precious resource.



Prioritise walking, cycling and the use of public transport or low carbon alternatives to our events.



Create inclusive events by promoting access and celebrating diversity.



Respond to feedback and innovate to demonstrate that sustainable events can elevate the spirits and be memorable and thought provoking.



Protect existing natural areas to provide habitat and promote biodiversity.

Apply to become a supplier

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Legacy Marketplace is an online booking platform for sustainable event suppliers, run by Legacy, a sustainable events agency.

You can list your venue, products and services for free from our registration page. We only ask that you adhere to our standards on sustainability.

-> Become a supplier

A Legacy listing instantly improves your web presence, making it easier for customers to find you. You will benefit from an increased audience reach, a free payment and booking system and a host of online and offline marketing campaigns, PR campaigns, viral, social networking, word-of-mouth, and in-person and print messaging. The more the site grows, the more you will benefit.

See our registration page for more information about how your business will grow with the Legacy Marketplace.

Submitting an application takes less than 2 minutes. From there, we will review your application and assess your sustainability standards. We aim to do this within 1 business day. Once done, you will gain access to your dashboard to start listing your businesses. Submit for review, and we'll review and publish your listing and advise on any possible improvements.

Sorry, we must have missed your application! Please give us a nudge at

Yes, of course! You will need to register for UK VAT, however, to be able to sell to UK customers. We will also apply a UK VAT of 20% to your products and services, and we will issue a VAT invoice to the UK customer.

Being listed on the market is free; we simply charge a flat fee on bookings that we send you. We think it's a great deal for all of the marketing and services we provide, and it also includes all debit and credit card transaction charges on bookings. For products, the fee is 10% of the final value of the purchase, and for venues and services, 14%.

The fee helps us to cover our operating costs and continue to develop the website. It also allows us to bring more customers and sustainable event suppliers into our marketplace.

Our commission is a flat fee on the total sale or booking price, inclusive of VAT.

You must provide your VAT ID if you're a UK seller selling goods as a business activity in the UK, and your business's VAT taxable turnover is more than £85,000 a year.

​​No, there's no contract or paperwork, and you can cancel your listings anytime. You just need to accept our T&Cs, and that's all.

We'll send you an email notification with the order/booking details that will allow you to confirm or decline the request. You have 24 hours to do this.

At Legacy Marketplace, we use an Online Payments System, currently provided by Stripe. Stripe Connect handles payment compliance and allows for money to be sent from the client, through our marketplace, to your connected Stripe account. We partnered with Stripe Connect because it offers the best and most secure method of payment.

Payouts will be deposited into the bank account that is on record with us, the one completed during the onboarding with Stripe, via transfer (direct deposit) and will be processed 7 days after the confirmation of the reservation. You have the option to request a manual payout as well. The commission is deducted automatically, so you do not need to go back and forth with any invoices or transfers.

After submitting your application, we will need to assess where you stand in terms of sustainability. Sustainability is different for every business, so our sustainability experts will go case by case. We follow our own 9-theme system. Check our registration page to find out more. We will also ask you for a short paragraph explaining why your product or service is sustainable.

We are always a call or email away! The easiest way is to drop us an email too

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